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Yavmir Bestiary: Zmey Gorynych

The Yavmir Bestiary is an ongoing project, where Michael and Radiostorm brainstorm ideas for a slavic-themed fantasy setting. More information can be found at the WoR Wiki.

While tales of Zmey circulate freely throughout Yavmir, knowledge of the mighty Zmey Gorynych is much harder to come by. Greater in size and power  to their lesser cousins by several orders of magnitude, Zmey Gorynych are slumbering titans; relics of an age when magic ran freely and fantastical beasts roamed the earth.


During the Skywrath wars, these creatures were the mightiest eidolons that fought under Triglav and Chernobog for control of primordial Yavmir. Unlike their cousins – who now roam Yavmir in exile – Zmey Gorynych chose a different fate for themselves following the Radiant Age. Weary of battle, they entered a prolonged slumber; bonding themselves with the very land itself, and hiding in plain sight among mountains, rivers, and forests. Blending seamlessly with their surroundings, travelers may walk by (or even over) these hibernating beasts without ever becoming aware of it.


While Zmey have diminished in strength over centuries of exile, Zmey Gorynych are quite possibly the mightiest eidolons currently residing in Yavmir; each one the size of a small mountain and nearly impervious to all forms of attack. Zmey Gorynych  also possess a host of supernatural powers to complement their impressive physical prowess; including flight, breath weapons, and the potent ability to control weather for miles around themselves.

Although mighty adversaries, Zmey Gorynych seem content – or perhaps resigned to – continuing their long slumber uninterrupted. It would take an incredible force to wake one of these sleeping giants, and woe be to any fool who chooses to raise their ire.

Illustration Credit: Trần Việt Huy (AKA novaillusion)
Illustration Credit: Nicole Shobe (AKA shobey1kanoby)

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer