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Yavmir Almanac: Monstrous PCs

Yavmir is an ongoing project, where Michael and Radiostorm work together to build a slavic-themed fantasy setting. More information can be found at the WoR Wiki.

RS and I have been working together on Yavmir for quite a while now, and we thought it was about time to get into the nitty-gritty of some of the rules. One of the first things we wanted to take a shot at was PC races, as they are fairly simple to plot out in Pathfinder compared to other elements. So to start things out, here are the two prominent monstrous races in Yavmir: the Hibou and the Jotunn.

You can read their full descriptions and rules to use them right HERE. Not a rules buff? Well then, why not just take a look at some of the lore (pasted below)?



The Jotunn  (or trolls, as they are known in common) are the most common of the Vaettir, the ancient race of elves, goblins, and giants that ruled Yavmir before the arrival of Triglav. Standing eight to ten feet tall, these hulking creatures sport disproportionately large noses, ape-like hands and feet, and manes of knotted hair. After the Vaettir were defepire to build their great cities and monuments. Freed from the bonds of servitude after The Sundering, the remaining Jotunn now eke out an existence as hunters and guides. While few humans enjoy the company of a Jotunn, they are forced to respect their great strength and cunning.


The Hibou are a race of humanoid snow owls, native to the northern regions of Yavmir. Once a second class resident of Yavmir, the collapse of the Radiant Empire and the onset of the Endless Winter have seen their fringe society develop into a powerful faction in the new world. Often derided as opportunistic scavengers, the Hibou are resourceful and keenly intelligent; they should not be underestimated.

As always, I welcome any feedback you may have! Just one note though: Hibou and Jotunn are just placeholder names. I am aware they are not Slavic themed in the slightest.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer