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Yavmir Almanac: Currency

Yavmir is an ongoing project, where Michael and Radiostorm work together to build a slavic-themed fantasy setting. More information can be found at the WoR Wiki.


I was growing slightly fatigued with monster development, so I thought now would be a good time to shift gears a bit and do some more generalized world building. For the next few weeks, I will be presenting some basic information about the world of Yavmir and the peoples that populate it. This week we take a quick look at the world’s currency, both pre and post Sundering.

Radiant Age Currency

The Radiant Age was a time of plenty in Yavmir, and featured more extravagant currency than what is used in the Mortal Age. Platinum, gold, silver, and brass were used to show off the wealth of the Empire – each type of coin valuable in its own right.

Platinum Piece
(plat, blessing of the gods)
PlatinumSun and Moon
(the gods, Triglav and Chernobog)
Gold Piece
(crown, kingmaker, royal)
(man, and his kingdoms)
Silver Piece
(eagle, kreutzet, kreutz)
(nature, and man's dominance over it)
Brass Piece
(sword, sickle, fool's gold)
BrassSword and Sickle
(peace, swords to plowshares)

3rd Age Currency

After the Sundering, the inhabitants of Yavmir adopted a much more pragmatic currency to match the desperate times. Every single type of coin in the current age can be melted down to form either tools, weapons, or household items. Additionally, fewer denominations are used, as there is more focus on bartering and scavenging than free-market commerce.

Due to their weight, coins are crafted with a single hole in the middle. This allows a merchant or traveler to sling a cord through a line of them, making the coins much easier to carry.

Iron Piece
(star, triad)
Pure IronThree Stars
(the night sky, devoid of gods; the three realms)
Copper Piece
(castle, tower)
CopperCastle Tower
(the current kingdoms of man)
Pewter Piece
(axe, blade)
(90% tin / 10% copper)
(war, pragmatism, wilderness)

Although both types of coin hold value in Yavmir, Radiant Age currency is seen more as an antiquity than general purpose coinage. Larger cities may prefer that travelers trade off their gold and silver at the local pawn shop, while smaller villages may reject precious metals outright.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer