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The World of dMetric: The Shining Coast

The campaign setting for dMetric is something we’ve been developing under the radar for some time now. You’ve seen hints of it in the class overviews, but we’ve yet to reveal solid information about the world of dMetric and the people who inhabit it.

Today I’m happy to reveal one of the regions of dMetric, The Shining Coast. This area includes three of The Seven Kingdoms of the Freeman empire, the most populous alliance in the world of Ob. It’s a region that was won and secured through conquest and one whose vast borders continue to be contested to this day.

dMetric Map

The three kingdoms of The Shining Coast region are highly varied. Braunegar is the political capital of The Seven Kingdoms. It is home to the most populous cities among the kingdoms, as well as the Freeman capital Kingsrest where current grand ruler Elias Braun resides. Vast farmlands stretch cross the southern tip of Braunegar and many mining operations sprawl across the Sunken Mire.

The geography of Galileigh, to the west, is dominated by the Waking Woods. This mysterious forest is tainted by ancient evils that threaten to swallow the kingdom whole. Hightemple serves as both the political capital of the region as well as a sprawling barracks for the Knights of the Old Order, an ancient guild of warriors that are sworn to protect the residents of Galileigh.

Fordring, to the north, is a rugged and untamed region. The Hinterlands and Great Fish Lake boast limitless wealth in the form of timber, ore, and fish, but for every man who has found their fortune here two have found their death. The port city of Everwake has boomed as a bustling trading post for the goods harvested from the wilds, making it one of the most important economic powers in The Seven Kingdoms.

The Shining Coast and its two neighbouring nations – to be covered in future updates – compose the core world of dMetric. The region is intended to function as a self-enclosed campaign setting in itself as well as to be easy to expand upon in the future. Let us know what you think!

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By Mathew
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer