What I’ve Been Up To

Sorry for the lack of updates lately – the last few weeks have been somewhat crazy for me from both a professional and personal perspective. I won’t get into the personal stuff on this blog, but I do have a rather exciting piece of news regarding my employment status.

Beginning this March I will be taking a contract position at DrinkBox Studios in downtown Toronto. DrinkBox develops game products (both licensed and original), and provides programming, art and design consulting services for a variety of game companies. I will be working as a level designer for their About A Blob project on a part-time basis.

Naturally, I am very excited to have the opportunity to work within a professional game studio – especially on the creative side of things. Although the amount of information I can share about my work will be limited (confidentiality agreements and whatnot), I will still occasionally post updates about my experiences in the industry.

And expect some more Unearthed updates soon. I have cleared up some time this week and I look forward to continuing work on the project.


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By Michael