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Unearthed Update: Tomorrow Mike Problems

I’m off to Yellowknife on a work trip next week, but before I left, I thought I’d drop a quick Unearthed Update onto the blog. Nothing major: just a recap of some tribulations I’ve run into during this phase of development.

As you know, I’ve been working diligently to place all of Unearthed’s enemies onto the world map. This process has been going fairly smoothly, and I’m getting better at it as I learn how to troubleshoot overworld sprites and balance enemy groups. However, I’m starting to run into issues that I will simply refer to as Tomorrow Mike Problems. These are small map issues that I either overlooked or simply decided not to worry about when putting the game’s world together. These can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, including wall swimming.

tomorrowmike1And the ever popular activity known as off-center ladder shimmying.


Unfortunately, Tomorrow Mike Problems are now Today Mike Problems so I guess I’ll be spending a bit of time fixing up  tile properties and other map issues. I’m still keeping a pretty good pace though, and I imagine I’ll have the overworld enemy placement done by mid-summer.

I’ll have another update in late May, once I return from my sojourn to the northern reaches of Canada.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer