Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer

Unearthed Update: Sporeways & Text

Now that the enemies in Unearthed are all placed, I’m free to putter around a bit and work on different areas of the game! To lead things off, I’ve decided to get the Sporeway system working: a series of tunnels that the player can use to “quick travel” around the game’s world. They’re all done and I think they look pretty spiffy.


And as you can see in the screenshot, I’ve also been working on text formatting! I’ve greatly expanded the width of EarthBound’s text box to accommodate longer chunks of dialogue, and I’ve commandeered one of the game’s lesser used fonts to identify speakers (such as the Guardian in the above picture). The result is a more robust text window that will allow me some greater flexibility when writing dialogue.

I’m going to be traveling for a couple of weeks, so blog posts may be slim during that period. Once I return, however, I’ll be working on something super fun and unique to Unearthed.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer