Unearthed Update: September 9th (Off Week)


I had a bit of an off week in terms of Unearthed development, so I don’t have any super amazing updates to show off! Instead I will offer up a very quick review of game progress so far:

  • All the maps for the game are 100% done. You can see the whole world in action if you like.
  • Sprites are 100% done as well. I’m sure there will be a couple of random bits and pieces to fill out down the line, but nothing  is left on my current asset list.
  • Most of the major technical hurdles (blue magic system, run patch, etc…) have been taken care of.
  • The full game outline is complete, but is in need of updating. This is something I’ll be taking care of this week.
  • Game dialogue is being written by Radiostorm as we speak.

The next phase of development will be comprised of two parts. Firstly, I will be implementing all of the sprites that have been made for the game. Secondly, I will be petitioning help from the community to create some unique music for Unearthed. I’ll be making a “musical asset list” shortly, and once it is done I’ll post it here and on the Starmen.net forums.

I should have a substantial update next week regarding the next phase of technical production.


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By Michael