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Unearthed Update: September 2nd (Sprites Complete!)

Welp, it finally happened. I created so many sprites that there are simply no more left to make. That’s right, as of 5:00pm this afternoon I finished editing the very last sprites for Unearthed! There are bound to be minor edits and elements to work on down the line, but I now have all the graphical elements I need for the alpha version of the game.

What was the last sprite made? Honestly, it was a really boring terrain thingy that I’m not even going to post here. What was the second last sprite made? A CRAZY ROBOT SUIT OF COURSE.

jeromerobotOh, and there is a strange fellow is this version of the suit. He does not look like a happy person.


I will probably have to recolour these sprites at some point down the road, but they are 100% complete in terms of shape and form. It may seem excessive to have wicked abs and pecs on a robot, but trust me, it is totally necessary.

What will next week bring now that all the game’s sprites are done? An amazingly exciting logistical update! Check back next Monday to see what is next for Unearthed’s development, and how you can contribute to the game.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer