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Unearthed Update: September 17 (Mitchell and the Debug Room)

Sorry for the lack of Unearthed updates lately! It has been a busy couple of weeks for me, compounded by the fact that I’m learning two entirely new toolsets (Coil Snake and CCScript). I finally managed to get some preliminary work done though, and I’m going to show it off to all of you internet peeps.

First up, Mitchell’s character sprites are 90% complete! Here is our unlikely protagonist chilling out in Glensborough. Additionally, the whole game has been converted to Coil Snake 1.1. This has resulted in the restoration of some previously corrupt data; most obviously NPC placement. Every single NPC that was in EarthBound is now in Unearthed at their original map coordinates! This, of course, has resulted in a game world full of non-sensical NPCs.

Eventually I will change these NPCs into appropriate Unearthed ones, but for now they will hang out in their wildly inappropriate locations. I am especially fond of the hippy hiding amidst the greenery.

Finally, I have expanded Unearthed’s test room to include warps to more areas. These are represented by holes in the ground, and lead to nearly every location in the game. I have also added some NPCs called “betamen” (not pictured), who will let me test event flags and other random bits and pieces.

I will continue my work on Unearthed throughout the week, and next week I will unveil a full game walkabout. It’s going to be a bit goofy due to the NPC placement, but I look forward to showing off the game world to all of you.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer