Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v2.3

Note a lot of big news this week. I’ve been mainly bug-testing items, and getting items to work in the ways they were planned to. Unglamorous, but very necessary!

items3Patch Notes

  • Tested (and corrected) attack values and stat boosts for all weapons.
  • Tested (and corrected) defense values and stat boosts for all armour.
  • Began testing and implementation of curative item abilities.

General Notes

Item bug-testing is slow, but pretty soon all the items in the game will be done and I’ll be able to move onto more interesting things. Items > Abilities > Enemies is the basic work-flow I’m aiming for.

I may start cutting back updates to once every two weeks, since there really isn’t a lot to show during this process. I also may bring back the Unearthed Almanac series, to show off interesting sections of the game’s world. It is a bit more interesting than the ordered lists that dominate posts such as this one.


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By Michael