Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v2.1

Sorry for the lack of update last week! I got a little caught up with some extra-curricular activities, but I’m back on track now. I’ve been hard at work too, implementing weapons and armour into the game.


Patch Notes

  • Implemented all weapons and armour into the game.
  • Completed help descriptions for the aforementioned weapons and armour.
  • Re-balanced some item functionality.

General Notes

With all the weapons and armour done, I’m moving along to the other items in the game. Most of the time thus far has been finagling help text, but from here on out a great deal of my time will be testing single-use items. There are about 150 items in the game – with about 75 of them being equipment – so I guess I’m about halfway through the dreaded “item slog” as of right now.

I’ll have another update next week with more item information!

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By Michael