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Unearthed Update: Patch Notes v1.6

Pretty slow development week due to me being on vacation for two straight weekends, but I still have a bit of progress to show. No fun video this time though! Just some neatly ordered lists.


 Patch Notes

  • Implemented every single enemy skill that can teach ISAAC an ability (24 in total).
  • Bug-tested the aforementioned skills.
  • Implemented Mr. Tenda’s “blue magic commands,” which will make future editing much easier.
  • Re-organized some of the .ccs and .yml files to make them more efficient.

General Notes

I’ll be on vacation for the next week, so you likely won’t see another Unearthed Update until the end of the month. As I mentioned in previous posts, the next things I’ll be working on are multi-charge items and multi-outcome attacks.

Special thanks for Tomato at EarthBound Central for linking me up this past week. The extra traffic is nice, as it lets me spread the word about Unearthed and all the other fun projects I tinker away at.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer