Unearthed Update: Paperwork Is My Enemy II


¬†More boring paperwork this week! As a continuation of last week’s organizational¬†shenanigans, this week I made a spreadsheet dedicated to breaking down Unearthed’s enemies listed by ¬†location. I also added two additional columns: one that details the enemy’s rough statistics, as based off foes from the original game, and another that has some quick notes on enemy characteristics. These characteristics can include anything from being a boss to being robotic. Real high level stuff! You can check out the spreadsheet below:

Enemies By Area Spreadsheet

What’s next? It is time to make these enemies real! Over the next couple of months I’ll be adding the enemies into the game, slowly but surely. This is slow work, but satisfying, and I’ll be sure to show off some of the new enemies as they phase into existence.

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By Michael