Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer

Unearthed Update: November 6th (Overworld Sprites Done!)

Sorry about the late update this week, but I thought I’d finish up this phase of production before commenting upon it. Over the last ten days I’ve managed to implement every overworld sprite in the game. That includes graphics for all enemies, PCs, NPCs, and environmental objects located in the game. It was a ton of work!

I also ended up redesigning or augmenting certain sprite designs along the way. I’ve posted a couple of the revamps below; The Radioactive Shambler and the Steam Man. The Shambler is actually an edit of a previous sprite, while the Steam Man simply has sideways sprites added into the mix.



I’ll be doing a final pass over the game’s sprites to make sure I haven’t missed anything, then I’ll work on implementing in-battle sprites. I’ll keep you all posted as I make progress.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer