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Unearthed Update: May 27th (Battle Sprites…. BEGIN!)

Sorry for the lack of an update last week everyone! I had a couple of crazy weekends in a row, and I had trouble getting back into the swing of things As I mentioned previously, this spring is dedicated to making battle sprites for Unearthed. The list of needed assets is on the starmen.net forums and I’ve decided to tackle thing more or less linearly.

First up, I have the overworld sprites done for the Conniving Coon. This was a little tricky to make since there isn’t anything close to a raccoon in EarthBound to base it off of. I ended up using the Plain Crocodile as a loose basis, and improvised from there.


 Next up I have a pair of very important overworld sprites: the normal and rusted Interlopers! These guys play a very prominent role within the game, and I hope that their appearance lives up to their importance.

animatedinterloper2_final rustedinterloper2_final

Now that I’m back into the thick of sprite editing, I should be able to pump them out at a pretty good pace. Expect more sprites next week!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer