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Unearthed Update: March 4th (Mycori and More!)

I’ve been pretty busy this week planning the Pathfinder contribution to Gryphcon (post coming later this week), but I did manage to put together some more NPC mock-ups for Unearthed. First off, here are some front-facing sprites for the mysterious mushroom race found in Unearthed, the Mycori.

mushroomteamThere are three different Mycori clans within the town of Sporegan, and each of them possess a set of unique skills and abilities. The Bolete (on the left) are mighty warriors while the Cremini (right) are quick and stealthy folk. Not yet designed are the Reishi, who are wise but weak clan.

Next up are some colour variations on the Birdmen template I made last week. I am most partial to green and purple, but I will see how all of the colours look in game before making a final decision.

birdman6Check back next week for more game sprites!


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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer