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Unearthed Update: March 25 (Old Mycori and Birdmen Aplenty!)

This week was all about variations and refinements on existing sprites. It’s a little more repetitive than making brand spankin’ new creations, but there is a certain joy found in creating unique NPC characters.

First up we have the Mycori elders. RS and I both thought it’d be funny for the elders to shed their caps as they aged, resulting in a distinctive balding pattern. These NPCs ended up a lot less “mushroomy” than the normal Mycori sprites, but give off a very distinctive senior citizen vibe.

I am a particularly big fan of the Cremini elder (blue), as he looks quite a bit like King Waldorf.



elder_reishiiNext up we have a couple unique Birdman variations. They are refinements of last week’s king and guard sprites; re-sized, re-coloured, and re-edited. I tried my best to make the King look aloof and old, while the guards have been converted to a darker palette to up the intimidation factor. I was toying with a few designations for Birdmen warriors, and I think the Ravenguard might be my favourite one so far.



Lastly, I finalized the colour swaps for the normal Birdmen citizens. I ended up with quite a few variations, and I hope that players don’t get too sick of these guys before it is time to leaving the Boding Sea.

birdman_beige birdman_blue birdman_brown birdman_green birdman_purple birdman_pink

That’s it for this week! I am already working on some very interesting sprites for Augur Pass, so check back next Monday for some more spriting goodness.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer