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Unearthed Update: March 18 (4 Directional)

This has been a rather productive week for Unearthed development! Although I haven’t completely anything tremendously flashy or new, I managed to refine a lot of sprites I’ve been working on and make they pretty much “game ready”. First off, are some four directional variations of the Mycori sprites I’ve create over the last few weeks.



reishi_omniI’m really happy with how these mushroom folks have turned out! I think each of them have a very distinct style, while still sharing enough common elements to show off their shared heritage.

Next up I have a couple of Birdmen variations. The first is a shorter, more regal “king” of the Birdmen with a laurel/crown. The next is a normal sized variation with additional head feathers, which will likely be used for Birdman guards.



And finally, a few of the younger mushroom folk. These guys didn’t really work as four directional sprites, so I just left ’em as two-directional for more limited use within the game.



baby_reishiI think I’m starting to get a hang of this spriting thing! Check back in next week for more sprites and other cool and amazing game updates.


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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer