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Unearthed Update: June 17th (Messianic’s Battle Sprites I)

Hey everybody! I’m in full-on vacation mode this week, so instead of posting my own work I’ll be showcasing some sprites made by the talented Messianic. He’s been working diligently on Unearthed whenever he has a free moment, and has pumped out some really great battle sprites for the game.

First up this week, we have a battle sprite for a bully that Mitchell faces in Glensborough. This is one of the first combats in the game, and I hope that the great pixel art leaves a lasting impression on the player.

Oliver_large bully

Coming up next we have a mini boss called the Dogfish, who makes his home in Augur Pass. This is an obvious homage to the Dogfish from Mother 3, with a different colour scheme and a slightly altered anatomy.

 Dogfish_large  dogfishdance

The last sprites for this week are a couple of cryptids known as the Mighty Yowie and Creeping Bunyip. These two monstrosities stalk one of the most dangerous areas of the game. They don’t have overworld sprites yet, but should soon!

MightyYowie_large CreepingBunyip_large

That’s all for this week folks. I’ll have another batch of great battle sprites coming at you next Monday!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer