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Unearthed Update: June 10th (Battle Sprites III)

Although not as productive as last week, I still managed to get a few more enemy sprites done this week for Unearthed. At this point I’m pretty much done all of the overworld sprites for Act 1 of the game, which is pretty good progress!

First up we have the Dogfish. This guy is an edit of a Mother 3 enemy, featuring slightly different legs and a different colour palette. He’s pretty adorable!


Next up we have the Lichenthrope, an animated pile of moss and fungus. It hides in mushroom patches, rising to surprise and attack passerbies.


This next one is two colour variations on the same spriteset. The yellow version is a Ragin’ Moth, while the purple one is an Irradiated Moth. Both of them appear in the Creep area of the game.


Finally, we have a fun little plant monster called the Rude Tuber. He’s basically a sentient potato who likes bouncing around open areas. His design was based of the Fobbies/Foppies from EarthBound.


I’m going to keep pumping out overworld sprites this week, before I go on vacation the week after. While I’m gone I’ll be posting some in-battle sprites by Messianic, as well as some random articles about assorted nerdery.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer