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Unearthed Update: July 29th (More Overworld Sprites)

After polishing up the Spore Machine and Ancient Colossus, I decided to shift back to some normal enemies. Well, as normal as enemies get in Unearthed. I’m working through some of the later areas of the game which seem to contain robots and mutated monstrosities.

First up is the Steam Man, a rendition of the classic Starman from EarthBound. He’s bit more steampunky then his predecessor. Starmen just teleported around in the original game, so I had to make these guys from scratch.


Next we have Shattered Constructs; busted robots that lie around in the Toxic Ravine and Testing Grounds. They are more-or-less straight recolours of Mother 3 sprites. Some of these guys are helpful while others will attack if interacted with. The player must gauge the benefits vs risk of approaching them in the first place.
shatteredconstructsLast thing for this week is a GELATINOUS CUBE! I love this guy. I may have to alter the perspective a bit to match EarthBound’s super odd art style, but the colours and movement work very well.
gelatinouscubeI’m on a pretty good roll right now, so I should have a bundle of sprites to show off next week. Check in on Monday!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer