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Unearthed Update: July 22nd (Morg)

Hooo boy, lots of progress coming down the pipe this week. I think from now on instead of mooshing together a bunch of unrelated images, I’ll try to have an over-arching theme for each of these updates. This week’s theme? MORG!

The above sketch was made by my brother Matt, and shows off the main characteristics of a Morg. Big eyes, menacing horn, sharp claws, hunched posture, etc… A vicious and dangerous beast, but with a vacant expression and a shallow intellect.

EarthBrent took these simple directions and made a few sets of really excellent overworld sprites for us. There are quite a few variations, including my personal favourite: the Morg Hulk.


Grey Morg

Morg Runt

Grey Morg Runt

Morg Sentinel

Grey Morg Sentinel

Morg Sentinel

Grey Morg Sentinel

Next we have the fully completed Morg battle sprite completed by Messianic. There are actually going to be a few different types of Morg enemies, but this one will be the more-or-less “standard” one.

Morg Battle Sprite

Finally, something not Morg related but still very cool! CLICK HERE to see an animated gif showing off the Flashback portion of Unearthed. I’m really pleased with how this tech demo worked out, and I hope to make some more down the line.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer