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Unearthed Update: January 21st (Broken Bridges)

What would a retro game be without broken bridge scenarios? It seems like every SNES RPG contained arbitrary obstacles that prevented a player from advancing before reach certain plot, and Unearthed will be no different.

There are about half a dozen of these scenarios as the game progresses (not TOO many considering the length of the game), and below I have displayed some of the sprite work I needed to make for these plot points work.

As always, feedback is welcome! I’m sure a lot of these pieces will end up changing a bit as development moves forward, and I will often incorporate community input into future designs.



This first obstacle appears to be a fence constructed haphazardly to block off the northern regions of The Creep. There is a small sign posted on this barrier, warning travelers to stay clear of a potentially dangerous area.


This simple iron grate prevents the player from traveling to the deepest reaches of The Crystal Mines. Perhaps they can open the way forward using a key? Or maybe just break it down somehow? Who knows?! (I do, I’m not telling).


A brave Grel militia member is guarding this stone barricade within Boulder Pass, used to prevent dangerous creatures from advancing upon their encampment. Will waist-high stones prove to be too much of a challenge for our stalwart heroes? Only until the plot demands otherwise!

Thanks for checking in this week everyone! I’ll have more spriting goodness posted next Monday.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer