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Unearthed Update: February 4th (Sporeways)

Not much work done on the Unearthed side of things this week, so I’m just going to post something that I made a week or two ago. This is the nearly finished sprite for the Sporeways!


The Sporeways are organic tubes that connect to various areas in the underworld. When Mitchell curries enough favour with the Mycori (the guardians of the Sporeways), he will be given permission to use them for swift travel throughout the underworld. Very handy!


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  • I like the idea of the sporeways, but it begs the question: will Unearthed retain Earthbound’s teleport ability? If so, then the sporeways will be as unused as Earthbound’s bus system. If there is no teleport, then you force players to trek around on foot, and sporeway placement needs to be well balanced to avoid forcing tedious walkling on the player. A bike (running shoes) that the whole party can use might be a good idea, too.

  • Hah, you basically just went through my entire thought process for the Sporeways!

    There is no teleportation in Unearthed, and the Sporeways will be replacing them. They will be found in every major area, and will be made easily accessible.

    There will be no special item that speeds player movement. Instead, I will be implementing the “run button hack” as seen below:


    Hopefully the combination of a run button and the Sporeways will adequately fulfill the game’s transportation needs!

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer