Unearthed Update: August 5th (Walking TVs and Other Oddities)

Work continues on with enemy sprites, and I’m happy to show off two-and-a-half new critters for Unearthed!

First up is the Idiot Box, a rather peppy (yet violent) television set. He’s encountered much later on in the game, and assails the player with electrical based attacks.


Second, we have the Forgotten Fossil. He’s essentially a re-edit of the Zombie Dog from the original EarthBound. I just made him a bit more skeletal and swapped the colour scheme.


Finally I have some work-in-progress on the Radioactive Shambler. I have been having a heckuva time trying to get this guy to look good, and I welcome feedback from any of you folks out in internet-land.


Slow and steady the sprites come, and the end is finally in sight! I’m projecting a late August finish of sprite work. Woooo!

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By Michael