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Unearthed Update: August 26th (Some of the Last Sprites)

I’m finally getting close to completing all of the sprites for Unearthed! I never planned to do this many myself, but I hit a pretty good roll and ended up making dozens and dozens of ’em. From bats to behemoths, I’ve made a bit of everything.

First up this week is a mock-up of the Primordial Ooze. I’m not sure whether I’m going to use this sprite, an equally good one made by Midna, or something else entirely. Either way, enjoy the animated ooziness.


Next up we have the Albino Bat Swarm. This is an advanced enemy found in the later stages of the game, and is quite powerful despite its relatively flimsy appearance. I hope the the little crosses in the background evoke “swarminess” and not sparkles.


This next sprite is a bit more ambiguous than the others. Although primarily designed for the Deep Spectre, it will also stand in for many “spooky ghost” type enemies found throughout the game. Simple, but effective.


Finally we have a unique sprite for the Siamese Slugoid. Messianic was eager to have this guy in the game, and I was happy to oblige. He’s kinda cute in a monstrous sort of way.


That’s all for this week! Next week may be the FINAL SPRITE UPDATE, so be sure to check in to see what I’ve cooked up.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer