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Unearthed Update: August 19th (Textual Interlude)

Hey everyone! I’ve been occupied all week launching a website and helping out at a gaming convention, so no new sprites this update. I know, this totally sucks and I apologize sincerely for my lack of production.


However, I have not come to you entirely empty-handed. Radiostorm has been working hard on the dialogue for Unearthed, and has sent me the near-finished draft for Glensborough (the first area of the game). Below is a sample of that dialogue; an interaction between Mitchell and the “junk shop” owner Mr. Carlucci.


Mr Carlucci: How’s it strolling, Mitch? You here to pick up your dad’s shovel?

Mitchell: Against my will, but yes.

Mr Carlucci: * laugh * You need to work hard if you ever want to grow as big as your pop.

Mitchell: I’m fine with being small and lazy. Think of how much I’ll save on clothes.

Mr Carlucci: You’re a funny kid, Mitch. You remind me of your mum when we were small. (hands Mitchell the shovel)

Mitchell: Thanks Mr Carlucci. I can feel my character building just from holding this shovel.

Mr Carlucci: That’s the spirit!


Mr Carlucci: Hey Mitch, I have a slightly burnt teddy bear with your name on it. 11% off.

Mitchell: Uh, no thank you sir.

Mr Carlucci: What about this broken satellite dish. You could use it as a knight’s shield in your games of make believe.

Mitchell: I usually just make believe that I’m in my room reading a book.

Mr Carlucci: Well, take a poke around my shop and see if there’s anything that catches your fancy.

Mitchell: No offense Mr Carlucci, but a lot of this stuff looks like junk.

Mr Carlucci: One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. People throw electronics away all the time. I go to the dump and salvage each item I find by “busting it up.” If you’re careful, you can remove the most useful parts and trinkets this way. It’s a handy trick to keep in mind.

Mitchell: Thanks Mr Carlucci, I will. But I think I’ll pass on the burnt teddy bear.

Mr Carlucci: Your loss.

Writing is a slow process, especially when you are writing iterative dialogue with NPCs. RS is going to keep cracking away at it, and I’m going to polish off the sprites as soon as I can.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer