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Unearthed Update: April 8th (Grel Variations)

Sorry for the late update this week! I got very much wrapped up in sprite work for the Grel, one of the central races in Unearthed. The Grel are builders and explorers by nature, and wear a variety of equipment to assist with their tasks. They are scrawny folk, with bio-luminescent baubles on their head that help them see in the dark.

First up are the generic Grel, who inhabitant the cities of Mulch and Slate. Due to prolonged exposure to crystals, Slate Grel emit purple light instead of yellow:


The Grel have recently be forced to take up arms to defend their territories from the dangerous Morg threat. Although physically ill-suited for combat, they use their ingenuity and willpower to hold their own in a fight. At least for now.




Leading the Grel into battle are a couple of combat veterans, renown for their leadership skills and (relative) strength. These two commanders coordinate all of the Grel’s combat operations in the underworld, from posts in Mulch and Boulder Pass.



I’m currently working on some additional Grel variations, which I hope to have posted by next Monday. Check in for more Grel, wearing even more silly clothing and equipment!

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer