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Unearthed Update: April 29th (Flashback Sprites)

As some of you may remember, there is a short portion in Unearthed that occurs in the magical realm of 8 BIT FLASHBACKS. Although there aren’t a lot of sprites to make for this part of the game they took a good while to put together. It was a little tricky to match the pseudo-NES style I created for the map tile-sets!

First up, we have the laboratory administrator. He’s a mustachioed moderator.


Next up we have a bunch of scientists. They all mill about the laboratory, working on super amazing scientific things. I tried to create a variety of characters, and ended up using some EB Zero sprites as a starting point for their faces. I think the results turned out pretty well!





Last up for this week are a few bits and pieces of random crap lying around the laboratory. I thief’d some sprites directly from Mother 1 to add yet another dose of nostalgia, including a very familiar robot and trash receptacle.


Just so you all know, I am 100% done all NPC and environmental sprites for Unearthed. This will be the last batch of funny looking guys and girls that I will be making, as I will be shifting my efforts towards polishing off the battle sprites needed for the game.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer