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Unearthed Almanac: Scrapyard

Unearthed Almanac will run once weekly until I finish up some of the more boring aspects of game development (item lists, back-end coding, etc…). Enjoy!


The Scrapyard is a large cavern that serves as one of the first major “dungeon-crawls” in the game. Futuristic technology sprawls broken and unattended across the area, creating a natural maze of rubble and rusty machinery. Strange creatures – both animal and mechanical – menace those who dare pass.


Local Flora

The rusted metal and sticky goop that coats the floor of this cavern prevents any natural plant life from growing.

Local Fauna

Pack Rat

A small rodent that dwells within broken technology.

  • Biting Attack (physical damage, single target)
  • Cowers (nothing)
  • Steal (steal item, single target)

Dust Bunny
An odd sub-species of rabbit, saturated in foul substances.

  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Be Wobbly (nothing)
  • Shook Up A Dust Cloud (crying, multiple targets)

Busted Sentry
Dilapidated sentry, akin to a flying saucer.

  • Fire a Beam (physical damage, single target)
  • Launch a Warning Flare (crying, multiple targets)
  • Lose a Gear and Bolts (nothing)
  • Raise an Elemental Barrier (elemental protection, self)

Shameless Plug
A bold, animated extension cord.

  • Short Circuits (electrical damage, single target)
  • Bash (physical, single target)
  • Coils Around Target (solidification, single target)

Smoldering Toastite
An ill-manner, sentient toaster.

  • Fanned Its Flames (fire damage, row of targets)
  • Toast Toss (physical damage, single target)
  • Lose a Gear and Bolts (nothing)
  • Apply a Repair Kit (healing, self only)

Derelict Interloper
An intimidating – albeit decrepit – mechanical menace.

  • Detects Hostile Life-forms (nothing)
  • Loses a Gear and Bolts (nothing)
  • Fired a Beam (physical damage, single target)
  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Vented a Burst of Steam (fire damage, single row)
  • Apply a Repair Kit (healing, self only)



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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer