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Unearthed Almanac: Sanctuaries

Unearthed Almanac will run once weekly until I finish up some of the more boring aspects of game development (item lists, back-end coding, etc…). Enjoy!


Sanctuaries are strange, unusually peaceful areas that can be found along commonly traveled routes in the Underworld. They are a welcome sight for weary travelers, offering a quiet and safe place to rest and tend to their wounds. Strange subterranean trees grow in these caverns, with small baubles of light clinging to their branches and filling the room with an eerie glow.


Local Flora

  • Sanctuary Tree: A welcome sight in the Underworld, this out-of-place plant gives off an eerie glow. Resting atop the roots of this tree is said to be good for the body and the soul.
    Heals HP and TP; just like a good night’s rest.

Local Fauna


Helpful critters, Frogs take great joy in listening to the stories of travelers and dispensing advice about nearby areas.


Although not permanent residents of the Sanctuaries, the Underworld’s moles set up small shops there help out passing travelers (and make a bit of money too!).

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer