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Unearthed Almanac: Rocky Slalom

Unearthed Almanac will run once weekly until I finish up some of the more boring aspects of game development (item lists, back-end coding, etc…). Enjoy!


The Rocky Slalom is a steep descent, leading Mitchell from the surface into the depths of the underworld. As Mitchell progresses down the series of ledges he will encounter strange creatures, and push farther into darkened caverns full of danger and wonder.


Local Flora

  • Horsetail: Not what it sounds like! Horse tail is actually a type of long grass with medicinal properties.
    Heals basic status ailments.

Local Fauna


Conniving Coon
A devious raccoon.

  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Steal (steal item, single target)

Bull Snake
An aggressive and stubborn serpent.

  • Bite (physical damage, single target)
  • Coil Around Target (solidification, single target)

Deep Roach
An agitated, insectoid menace.

  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Edge Closer (nothing)

Cracked Bat
Mentally unstable flying mammal.

  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Screeched Loudly (nothing)
  • Be Absentminded (nothing)
  • Leap Forward and Spread Wings (solidification, single target)

Morg Runt
Cowardly subterranean skirmisher.

  • Scratches With Claws (physical, single target)
  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Cower (nothing)
  • Scratches Head (nothing)


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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer