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Unearthed Almanac: Glensborough

Unearthed Almanac will run once weekly until I finish up some of the more boring aspects of game development (item lists, back-end coding, etc…). Enjoy!


Glensborough is a small farming community, tucked away in a region of rolling hills and scattered forests. Mitchell and Chase live with their parents on one of the many farms in Glensborough and spend their days avoiding chores while wandering through through the idealistic countryside.


Local Flora

  • Red Apples: Sweet, crispy, and one of the most abundant crops cultivated in Glensborough.
    Heals 42 hit points of damage.

  • Lettuce: Green and leafy. Good in salads, but not as tasty in a standalone meal.
    Heals 36 hit points of damage.

  • Horsetail: Not what it sounds like! Horse tail is actually a type of long grass with medicinal properties.
    Heals basic status ailments.

  • Stinkweed: Saturated in pollen that can get into a creature’s eyes and nose, invoking a strong allergic reaction.
    Causes an enemy to cry.

Local Fauna

Oliver (local bully)
Chase’s chubby, rambunctious friend.

  • Threw A Punch (physical damage, single target)
  • Catches Breath (nothing)
  • Get’s Distracted (nothing)
  • Says Something Nasty (lowers guts, single target)

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer