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Unearthed Almanac: Boding Sea

Unearthed Almanac will run once weekly until I finish up some of the more boring aspects of game development (item lists, back-end coding, etc…). Enjoy!


The Boding Sea is a massive underground ocean, and the unlikely home of a mysterious race of bird men. Although helpful, the bird men speak in stilted sentences and have archaic traditions. Travelers must tread carefully as one poorly placed step can plunge you into the deep and frigid waters of the sea.


Local Flora

  • Cadmus Buds: Foul tasting buds that grow on small shrubs found throughout the underworld. Raises a single character’s offense greatly for a single battle.

Local Fauna

Wired Eel

An aquatic, conducting menace; long and slimy.

  • Used an Electrical Shock Attack (electrical damage, multiple targets)
  • Recharged (nothing)

Caustic Creeper
A large, animated, poisonous flower.

  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Coils Around Target (solidification, single target)
  • Edged Closer (nothing)
  • Thrust With a Poisonous Stinger (poison, single target)

Undiscerning Crab
A blind crab that frequents the shallows of the Boding Sea.

  • Disrupted Your Equilibrium (variety of effects, single target)
  • Bash (physical damage, single target)
  • Be On Guard (defends)

Fish Face
Emotive, yet idiotic, ichthyoid.

  • Short Circuits (electrical damage, single target)
  • Bash (physical, single target)
  • Coils Around Target (solidification, single target)

Eye Spy
A small, floating robotic eyeball.

  • Analyzes Subject (nothing)
  • Vented a burst of steam (fire damage, single target)


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    • I will have either a new Unearthed Almanac or some other sort of progress update on Monday.

      I’m just coming off of two conventions, a trip to Calgary, and a couple major life decisions, but things should return to normal very shortly.

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer