TWISP Episode 1.3: Aliens (Contra III Alien Wars)

This is The World Is Square Podcast (TWISP) Season 1, Episode 3. We continue on with Season One with a semi-sequel to the previous episode.

Every week Michael, Mathew and Geoff conduct irreverent discussions focused around a central theme, while attempting to beat a classic video game. The game is picked ahead of time by Michael, with no prior knowledge given to Matt and Geoff. They usually hate whatever game he picks.

This week’s theme was Aliens and the chosen game was Contra III Alien Wars for the Super Nintendo.

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  • Ah, the Contra games. I was a Konami baby and grew up to Castlevania, Contra and Life Force, among others. I can’t count how many hours I’ve sunk into this series.

    And then I played the two 3D Contra games on Playstation.

    Have never touched the series since.

By Michael