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The Magic Notebook


This notebook is what I spent the bulk of October, November and December working on. Within its pages it holds the complete game outline for Unearthed. Everything from area maps to major plot points and characters are in there, laid on the page with my terrible penmanship and poor artistic talents.

You’ll notice that the main part of this particular page is blurred over. This is because I don’t want to give away important plot information. Come to think of it though, my writing is probably terrible enough that I didn’t need to hide it. Oh well, I will leave it blurry regardless.

The yellow sticky note on this page are from Mathew, who just finished going through the notebook and putting in his two cents. He really plastered a lot all over the place – lots of great suggestions overall, although I disagree with his assertments that I used too many cave tilesets and not enough terrible mushroom puns.

With the notebook completed I have finally begun putting together the game in JHack. This is a slow, glitchy and arduous process and it will likely take many months to complete the game maps alone. I will update sporadically during this period of time, more than likely once a week or so, and show you what information I can without giving away too many spoilers.

I may put some other stuff for people to see up on the blog such as art, sprites, music, etc… but that has yet to be decided. I have been admittedly negligent towards those who have offered to help with the game so far – something I will try and remedy in the near future.

As a final thought, I would like to apologize for the lack of updates lately. The Christmas/New Years season was awfully crazy and I had a great deal of trouble trying to put together a tangible update. I’ll try not to fall off the wagon again, and I hope that you all maintain interest in the project.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer