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The Lair Complete!

The map design for the Lair area of Unearthed is now complete! The Lair is located at the very end of the The Labyrinth bonus dungeon, and is very difficult for players to find.

Not much is known about The Lair, as no underworld denizen has been able to find the elusive cavern and return alive. Some rumours insist that the location is simply a myth; a fictitious holy grail that has lured many brave souls to their deaths within the Labyrinth.

Other rumours describe The Lair as home to a terrible beast – a swift creature with snapping jaws and razor-sharp claws – that preys upon wayward explorers who wander into its domain.

The Lair was (thankfully) a very small and simple area to complete. I was really happy that I got the opportunity to reuse the stone pillars from The Creep, as they were a pain in the ass to implement and look pretty neat.

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By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer