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The Knight, Master of Arms

The Knight, Master of Arms

Let’s not dawdle here. The knight is likely the most straightforward class in dMetric, and its simplicity is not something I’m ashamed of. They are heavily armored frontline fighters – no more, no less. Every game needs a class to directly engage the opponent and keep his squishier comrades from getting aggressed. The champion can manage this feat, but it’s really the knight who shines in this role.

The only aspect of the class I feel necessary to clarify is that knights are not limited to the standard Britannic interpretation. A knight in dMetric is a soldier, whatever that may mean to the society he exists as part of. Samurai, dragoons, and even town guards are all subtypes of the knight class, and skills and weapon proficiencies will be available to mold the class into these roles. As long as it involves swinging a weapon, the knight will be able to manage it.

One-Paragraph Overview

Knights are armed to the teeth and covered head to toe in armor. They are powerful physical fighters with keen blades and impregnable defenses. Alone, a knight is more than capable of holding his own, but he shines brightest when operating as a point man in a group. He is the foremost physical tank in the game.


Knights are the first and last line of defense for any army. Although weapons, style of armor, and designations may vary, each nation employs their own form of knights. The Freeman have their royal guard, the Vaan their watchmen, and the Khor their outriders.


Heavy Armor Proficiency
Knights are trained to use heavy armor, such as plate mail, and do not suffer any of the movement or dodge penalties associated with wearing such armor.

A knight gains an additional +1 to his block checks and an additional +1 to his parry checks for each level he obtains.

A knight may make an attack of opportunity against a foe who attempts to move past or disengage him during combat. The power and number of these attacks increases with each level.

A knight gains additional resistance to fear and other mind-altering effects with each level.

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Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer