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The Hunter, Cunning Marksman

The Hunter, Cunning Marksman

Archers are a bit of an anomaly in pen and paper games. While they are a lionized archetype in fantasy literature, they are rarely the basis for a dedicated class. Proficiency in bows and crossbows is generally considered a secondary asset, likely due to the prevalence of arcane spell blasting. Even when a ranger class exists, seemingly to fill this role, their archery skills are portrayed as an equally weighted counterpoint to another skill set – whether it be ambidextrous fighting or animal handling.

The hunter in dMetric is far more focused. He fights best with a bow and arrow and doesn’t stray far from his bread and butter. Although he possesses secondary utility and combat abilities, it’s almost never a good idea for him to wade into the midst of combat. That’s what knights and champions are for! Consequently, many of his abilities focus on creating and maintaining range. It’s a different flavor for sure, but this deliberately narrow focus makes multi-classing into hunter exceptionally potent.

One-Paragraph Overview

The hunter is a cunning archer capable of dealing crippling damage with his bow and arrow. Fast and maneuverable, the hunter is capable of traversing the battlefield with ease and operates best from a concealed or flanking position. His intimate knowledge of beasts – both wild and magical – and dungeon crawling in general makes him a valuable asset to any group. He is capable of the highest sustained ranged damage-per-second out of any other class but falters in close quarters.


Hunters are a staple of any society, primitive or modern. The archers of the Freeman empire defend the bulwarks of their nation’s fortresses with a unwavering eye, while the horseback archers of the Khor are venerated for their hunting prowess.

Core Abilities

True Shot (Passive)

The hunter gains a +1 bonus to range with all ranged weapons he is proficient with.


Allows the hunter to track any beast, monster or humanoid he encounters evidence of.


Hunters hold an intimate knowledge of monsters and their lairs. They are able to identify vulnerabilities in a monster’s defenses and detect potential danger in ruins, dens, tombs, and other dangerous locales.

Swiftness (Passive)

A hunter may move an additional square per round per level as long as he is not heavily armored and only if he does not take an action that round.

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Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer