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The Engineer, Eclectic Genius

EngineerThe Engineer, Eclectic Genius

Engineers are complicated. Few roleplaying games attempt to tackle the engineer archetype due to the muddiness that results from blending technology with high fantasy. Instead, guns and explosives are either implemented as toys belonging to a tertiary trade skill or ignored entirely.

The question is, how do you balance a class that relies entirely on crafted items to be useful? Furthermore, how do you introduce a potentially game-breaking weapon like a rifle to a medieval setting without trivializing combat? To be honest, I don’t think there’s an easy answer to these inquiries. The engineer is very much a work in progress – it was the last class to be announced for a reason! All we can do is try to have fun with the class and put out fires wherever we see them.


Engineers are stalwart tinkerers that are capable of inventing, constructing, and deploying powerful mechanical devices. The utility of these devices ranges from explosives to grappling hooks to flying machines. There are many different streams of tinkering for a budding tinkerer to specialize in although steam power is one of the most common. Engineers play a strong support role in groups and are capable of dealing large amounts of damage using their rifles and other advanced weapons.



The nations of Tol and Venizzia are home to the world’s most renowned inventors. For the Tolann, technological advancement was a necessity to deal with the harsh climate of their homeland. The Venizzian approach was less practical, having developed advanced technology during a veritable renaissance of art and culture in their society.


The engineer is capable of building and repairing a variety of devices using schematics. He can learn only schematics that have a difficulty class equal to or lesser than his level.

Mechanical Mastery

An engineer chooses a single field of engineering to specialize in at first level: steam, clockwork, black powder, or arcane. He may only learn schematics related to his field, but gains a passive bonus related to this field that increases with each level.


Engineers are eclectic and resourceful thinkers. Like the alchemist, and engineer gains an additional character point every level.

Steady Aim

Engineers are the only class capable of using firearms to their full potential. An engineer gains a +1 bonus to hit with pistols, rifles, and firearms with each level.

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Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer