The Creep Walkabout

A walkabout of my test area for The Creep Tileset. Nothing much has changed since the concept maps I mocked-up in Photoshop, but everything works perfectly!

This was one of the most difficult maps I have worked on so far, since the large mushrooms are completely original sprites. They were a bit tricky to rig up due to their size, and required a lot of duplicates to allow for some flexibility in map editing. This took quite a bit of time… which happens to be my excuse for not updating for a while.

This is the fifth and final heavy map edit for the game. There are two smaller ones I need to finish, but one is rather straight-forward (should only take a couple days) while the other is TOP-SECRET (I won’t be posting it on the blog). After all the tile-sets are complete I will compile them into one ROM alongside half a dozen other hacks/edits, and then begin game production.

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By Michael