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The Alchemist, Practical Magician

The Alchemist, Practical Magician

One of the more divergent aspects of the dMetric campaign setting is our complete kibosh on traditional arcane magic. There is no wizard class that uses a spellbook, components, wands or scrolls to cast spells. While the sorcerer is certainly capable of lobbing fireballs and lightning bolts, his powers are tapped from his aberrant heritage rather than studious research. Likewise, the oracle is foremost a priest archetype, drawing power from a mystical entity. This makes magic rather uncommon from a lore perspective.

The alchemist helps to fill the void in our class roster that would typically be occupied by specialist wizards, bards, and other casters. He’s a practical magician, making do with herbs and volatile chemicals in place of genuine magical power. His cornucopia of potions, poisons, and bombs makes him a veritable jack-of-all-trades, but he is best utilized as a support character and secondary healer. Part of the alchemist’s design is admittedly inspired by Pathfinder’s daring interpretation of the class in their advanced player’s guide – and perhaps just as much by the eccentric SNES classic Secret of Evermore.

One-Paragraph Overview

Alchemy is the science of mixing herbs and other ingredients to create powerful potions. An alchemist is simultaneously capable of hindering his foes with poisons and acids and aiding his allies with healing potions and enhancing flasks. There is also a dark side of alchemy, involving nasty tricks such as transmutation and preserving the dead. An alchemist is invaluable as a third or fourth party member and is a strong choice for multiclassing.


Alchemists are common wizards. The sundering left the world without proper wizards and magic, so cunning witch doctors and shaman took their place. While the smoke and flashes of potions only inspire fear and awe in the more remote and primitive regions of Ob in the current age, alchemists are still considered valuable assets to modern adventuring parties.


Brew Potion

The alchemist is adept at brewing potions, poisons, and other concoctions. He can learn any alchemy recipe that has a difficulty class equal to or lesser than his level.

First Aid

Using his knowledge of medicine, the alchemist can attempt to treat an injured party member. He can stabilize the dying, cure light wounds, and remove poisons or diseases on a successful attempt.


The alchemist is able to throw bombs, molotovs, and flasks of acid with uncanny accuracy. He gains a +1 to hit with all thrown items with each level.


Alchemists devote their lives to research and experimentation. An alchemist gains an additional character point with each level.

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Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer