Unearthed Update: March 18 (4 Directional)

This has been a rather productive week for Unearthed development! Although I haven’t completely anything tremendously flashy or new, I managed to refine a lot of sprites I’ve been working on and make they pretty much “game ready”. First off, are some four directional variations of the Mycori sprites I’ve create over the last few weeks. I’m really happy with how...

Unearthed Update: January 14th (Plants II)

I managed to get a good amount of game work done this weekend, and now have some more sprite work to show off! I’ve finished off all the plant sprites for Unearthed,and have organized them into a handy guide. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to any feedback you all may have!

Herbs (Meditrine, Aceso, Agalea, Mirus)Mysterious shrubs: varying HP recovery.