Interview with The Loot Bag

I recently was featured in the Bag of Loot podcast, The Game Maker’s Guide, where I spoke about a few of my Pathfinder game projects (all of which were co-developed with my brother Mathew). You can listen to the whole thing on YouTube!

The two projects I talked about about are available (for free) on this website and at Mammoth Island Games:

Interview: Sonic 2 XL Co-Creator Captain Bozo

Sonic 2 XL is a hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Master Drive/Genesis by a pair of Sonic afficionados named Captain Bozo and Ranger. In this particular hack rings are replaced with onion rings, and Sonic becomes fatter and slower after eating them. Despite its rather odd premise (or perhaps because of it), Sonic 2 XL has gained accolades from across the hacking and gaming communities...