Unearthed Update: Herbs & Spices

Sorry for the long Unearthed hiatus everyone! I’ve been tied up at work over the last few weeks, and I also had to perform a difficult move across the harsh urban landscape known as Toronto. But, at last, I bring you a new game update: in animated gif format. All of the herbs have been placed throughout the game’s world. I’ve touched on the herbalism system in the game in...

Unearthed Update: January 14th (Plants II)

I managed to get a good amount of game work done this weekend, and now have some more sprite work to show off! I’ve finished off all the plant sprites for Unearthed,and have organized them into a handy guide. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to any feedback you all may have!

Herbs (Meditrine, Aceso, Agalea, Mirus)Mysterious shrubs: varying HP recovery.