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Ultimate Fantasy Party: The Roleplaying Jew

Cidolfas (author of the fantastic blog, The Role-Playing Jew) has been an online chum of mine for quite some time. We did some work together back when he was  still updating the crazy-expansive Final Fantasy Compendium, and I have always admired his writing and his in-depth knowledge of seemingly every JRPG ever produced. He was kind enough to contribute to our Ultimate Fantasy Party Write-Up...

Ultimate Fantasy Party #1: Mike’s Entry

It was a long thought process, but I finally put together my group for The Ultimate Fantasy Party Write-up. Although not necessarily the strongest or most well known combatants, I feel that my party is a diverse one that can deal with almost any situation. I’d give this band o’ five a fighting chance against any danger out there, knowing that their combined skills would see them to...

Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer