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Stay Classy, Part II

Last week I went on a long diatribe explaining our decision to include classes in dMetric. However, I didn’t get around to listing the classes themselves. Heinous! So here they are, the meat and potatoes of dMetric’s character advancement system.

For every three adventures a character completes, they may advance a single level in a class of their choice. Classes can be mixed and matched in any way a player decides – there are no restrictions.

Each class is intended to be self-sufficient but to also only possess a narrow range of utility. What does that mean? First off, it means that multi-classing is not necessary to create a viable character in dMetric. I want to make this point abundantly clear. If a player should decide to only buy levels in a single class, their character will still be a valuable asset to their group.

The caveat is that there are no hybrid classes in dMetric. Each class has a specific role that that they shine at – damage dealing, tanking, etc. In order to fill a hybrid role – like the paladins or rangers of common roleplaying mythology – a player must multi-class their character. Classes thus serve as simple building blocks with which the player can construct any character archetype they can imagine.

But enough beating around the bush. Here are the eleven classes we have decided on for dMetric. Nothing is set in stone so far, so we’ll prune or expand this list as we see fit.

In the coming weeks, I’ll write a short overview of each class, explaining their unique strengths, weaknesses, and flavour. Sit tight!

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By Mathew
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer