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Sewers Palette Swap Complete!

I (once again) broke a promise I made to myself: that I would not do anymore tileset editing for Unearthed! I was working with the sewers tileset while scoping out possibilities for the game’s final dungeon, and quickly realized that the palette was much too bright. To white to invoke a “deep underground” sort of feeling, and too bright to create the ominous atmosphere I desired.

I delved once again into the palette editors found within PK Hack and did my best to create a more intimidating sewer spelunking experience. It actually was a pretty easy change; I simply used a browner array of colours, similar to what is used in the many cave sections of the game. The result is a older, rustier and more dangerous looking tileset!

I hope you all like it too! And I promise that I’ll never, ever mess with another palette or tileset again…. hopefully.


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  • It’s probably nitpicky, but those oil drums look a little…off to me. Like they aren’t shaded enough or something. Otherwise it looks great. Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks! I’m still on the fence about the oil drums as well. I originally had used the door colours for the drums, but they ended up too “creamy” looking. I went with the gray because it was the only other colour in the palette that made sense… but it hasn’t really grown on me. Mayhaps changes are in the works!

  • Agreed with StageProps about the oil drums. They do look a bit off.

    And as for “making promises what not to do”, why bother? It’s your hack. Make what you f***ing want to.

    • Hah! I make promises to MYSELF not to hack tilesets because doing so drives me crazy!

      Every time I finish one I think to myself: “Okay, I’m not putting myself through THAT again.” But then… slowly… an idea creeps into my head and I force myself to re-arrange the pixels and colours of the game once more; slowly forming something cohesive and new.

      But this time, I hope, I am finally done with those damn tilesets. For reals.

By Michael
Michael Iantorno PhD Candidate, Game Designer, and Writer