It seems that it has become somewhat trendy to publish game design videos and articles online nowadays. The internet allows game designers (and afficionados) to find a vast audience, publishing anything from simple tutorials to in-depth game design documentation. Some of these folks have been doing this sort of thing for years, while others are relatively new to the game.

I recently discovered that Egoraptor – one of my favourite internet animators – has started a series of light-hearted game design videos entitled Sequelitis. The premise? Egoraptor takes a look at a classic game, compares it to its sequel, and dissects various gameplay elements that enhance or detract from the player’s experience.

For those of you familiar with Egoraptor’s prior works, you’ll know to expect a fair bit of zaniness and cursing strewn throughout his videos. He manages to find just the right balance between legitimate game deconstruction and crass humour to keep the videos entertaining and fast-paced. Take a look at his first episode, a comparison between Castlevania I and II, below!

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By Michael